How can Counselling help?
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How can Counselling help?

People decide to explore the option of Islamic counselling for a variety of reasons.
You may be going through a difficult experience or experiences which may be too much to cope, such as bereavement, relationship breakdown or stress. Or you may want to help in dealing with feelings of low self-worth, depression of feeling of sadness and don’t seem to be connected to any particular event.

Counselling can also help you overcome mental health problems, such as depression or if your GP can’t find a physical cause for your problems, you may want to look further to see whether there is a psychological side to your symptoms

Some concerns that people see counselling for are:

  • \Stress Depression • Depression • Panic Attacks /Anxiety
  • \Marital problems • Relationship Problems
  • \Bereavement • Bullying
  • \Domestic Violence • Abuse: Sexual, Physical, emotional
  • \Addictions • Feelings of isolation
  • \Work related problems
  • \Coping with health issues, you’re own or other peoples